March 7, 2011
A Plans & Progress Report
By John Markley

Quote of the Day: "Don't let yesterday use up too much of today." -- Will Rogers

We have something new to show you, something new to preview, and some other items of good news to share . . .

We're ranked at 20 in a list of 40 freedom oriented sites.

Our Alexa rank is 197,375, but what we find most interesting is that we place higher than many groups with budgets massively larger than ours . . . so maybe we're doing something right? This ties into what I'll tell you below, because . . .

We think we're about to start moving higher, faster. 

We've been focused mostly on infrastructure for the past year. But the infrastructure needs that were once slowing our growth are about to start speeding it instead. And even before that happens, we've still managed to reach a new milestone . . .

Our friend Bill Haynes at CMI Gold & Silver urged his 22,000 email subscribers to join This boosted our subscriptions above the 31,000 mark. Thanks Bill. Anyone in the market for precious metals or coins should check out CMI Gold & Silver.

Now, as another step toward more growth, we have something new to show you . . .

Go to our homepage and log-in. When you see Your Downsize DC Toolbox scroll down to the section headlined "Your Letters to Congress." You'll see something new . . .

Your personal numbers for letters sent to Congress this month, last month, and so far this year

This is the first time this kind of personal information has been available to you.

This is one thing the big infrastructure project from last year -- the "One Sack" database merge -- is making possible. And more is coming.

You'll soon be able to see the following in the area headlined "Your District" . . .

Letters to Congress from your district . . .
* This month:
* Last month:
* This year:
* Last year:

You'll not only be able to track your own numbers, you'll also be able to see what the other DC Downsizers in your district are doing too! But even more exciting is this . . .

Very soon -- perhaps in a matter of days -- you'll see a new feature in the "Your District" section . . .

Goal setting and the wisdom of crowds

* You'll be able to set a recruitment goal for your Congressional district.
* You'll be asked to estimate how large a Downsize DC Army you think you'll need in order to have real influence in your district. 

Once you've set your goal . . .

* You'll be able to see how many DC Downsizers there are in your district currently, plus . . .
* The goals other DC Downsizers have set for their districts.

Don't worry -- the goal you set only has to be your best guess, and you'll be able to change your estimate whenever you want. The key thing is this . . .

Your goal, along with those from other districts around the country, will give us a "wisdom of crowds" estimate of how many people we need to recruit to bring about real change.

And from that point on, you'll see both your goal and the current number of DC Downsizers you have in your district in the upper right hand corner of the website masthead. You'll be able to see where your district stands, every time you visit the page.

Okay . . . do you like these ideas . . .

Do you want to see these features added to "Your Downsize DC Toolbox?"

We're working on them now, and we could deliver them to you in a matter of days. It's all part of a powerful strategic vision . . .

We're trying reduce the cost you pay to fight the growth of the Federal State. We're building levers to make you more powerful, using less effort. This strategy includes . . .

The extremely low cost of running Downsize DC, and of paying to create new tools and new progress like what I've described above. You can power our progress for as little as $1 a month. If every Dispatch subscriber were to do at least that much then we would double the financial resources we had available to us last year. In other words . . .

You can use us to achieve powerful results for only a minimal investment. This is the key to everything we do -- accomplish a lot, with only a little. Give us more, and we'll expand your leverage by even more than you give. Think about it . . .

* Can you start a monthly pledge for $1, or more?
* Make a single donation for $12, or more?
* Become a major patron of our work for $500, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000, or more?

Our secure contribution form is here.

Jim Babka
President, Inc.

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