April 23, 2013
Do you consent to murder?
By Jim Babka

President Obama is using drones to murder people, including women and children -- even American citizens. These drone murders kill 49 innocents for every known terrorist. Do these crimes have your sanction?

A Senate committee held hearings about the President’s drone use yesterday (April 23). Please take action now to deny your consent to President Obama’s murderous policies. Here’s the best way to do that . . .


Tell Congress to repeal 2001’s “Authorization for the Use of Military Force (AUMF). This is the law that gave us the unending occupation in Afghanistan, and that basically gives the President a blank check to attack anyone, anywhere. 


You can copy or edit the following sample letter . . .


The AUMF is obsolete. Those said to be responsible for the 9/11 attacks are dead or captured. But the AUMF lives on, and President Obama is using it to commit murder and create new enemies for America. Specifically . . . 


* Obama murdered an American citizen, Anwar al-Awlaki -- without ever charging him with a crime!
* Then, two weeks later, he murdered al-Awlaki’s 16 year-old son Abdulrahman.
* Former Obama spokesperson Robert Gibbs flippantly declared that Abdulrahman should’ve had a “more responsible father.”


It SICKENS me that my so-called government rejoices in killing a young man for the unadjudicated crimes of his father, and then blames the son for being born to the wrong parent!


But it gets worse....


Obama doesn’t have a clue who he’s killing much of the time. ( Whistleblowers have helped us penetrate the shroud of secrecy the President is using to hide his crimes. We’ve learned that the CIA has targeted many people for death, without bothering to confirm their identity. And the President has responded to this with a cover-up, trying to intimidate those who have exposed the truth about his murders.


But the truth is out. We can even measure the extent of the President’s murder campaign. He has killed 49 innocents for every known terrorist.


This criminal program is placing the entire nation at risk. Each innocent person killed has friends and family who must inevitably become enemies of the United States. This is a crucial point -- the President is creating more enemies than he kills. 


Please pay close attention to what I say next...


I deny you my consent for this murderous program. Please stop committing crimes in my name. In addition...


Please be aware that I consider Congress to be complicit in the President’s murders. A past Congress passed the AUMF that gives cover to these crimes. And the current Congress has done nothing to repeal the AUMF. So I’m telling you, as my employee...






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