July 9, 2013
NEW HERESY CAMPAIGN: Ten Reasons to Oppose People Prohibition
By Jim Babka

NEW ACTION ITEM has a new campaign. It’s so controversial even we call it a heresy!

You can use the “Oppose People Prohibition” campaign to send your own letter to your Representative and two-Senators using the “Educate the Powerful System.”

The hardwired message for this campaign reads...

Please create a world where all people can travel from country to country without legal restrictions. Please OPPOSE immigration controls.

Here’s what I wrote. You can copy or borrow from this to send your own personal comments to Congress...

Immigration restrictions are “people prohibition.” Just like alcohol and drug prohibition, they can’t work. Worse, they punish innocent, voluntary, non-violent activity.

Punishing voluntary activity is CRIMINAL.

That’s why you must OPPOSE S.744, the immigration “reform” bill the Senate passed.

Here are ten reasons...

1. Immigration controls are unConstitutional. The Constitution authorizes naturalization rules, NOT immigration controls. Your powers are listed and limited, with all other powers reserved to the various states and the people. Therefore, your oath of office mandates you oppose immigration restrictions.

2. It includes E-Verify, which is just another national ID scheme — a second attempt to implement Real ID, which half the states have rejected. I insist you not breathe life into another national ID scheme.

3. Forcing me to ask the feds for permission to earn a living - which E-Verify does - is a violation of my human rights. A bureaucratic snafu could cost me a job.

4. In fact, mandatory E-Verify forces employers to become immigration police. It coerces employers into a role of involuntary servitude, violating the Tenth and Thirteenth Amendments.

5. It includes border fences. Every nation that’s built such a wall, has eventually trapped people in. And it’s reasonable to suspect that this fence will help PREVENT undocumented workers from returning home.

6. It expands militarization of the border. Over time the "border area" might go dozens or hundreds of miles into the interior of the U.S. Then, it will extend to our beaches, to stop “sea invasions,” and soon, these too will be militarized.

7. I don’t live near the border, but if I did, wouldn’t want drones watching me just because I'm close to the border. I’ve seen the drone handiwork in Afghanistan. I wouldn’t want to reside in such “occupied territory” where State-based terror could suddenly drop from the sky.

8. It ignores the truth that immigration GROWS the economy! Or do you think a SHRINKING population makes cities, states, and countries wealthier? Even Social Security is being strengthened by illegal immigration.

9. Restricting freedom of travel, which immigration laws do, violates fundamental human rights. I know that, like other forms of prohibition, that eventually my rights of travel will be further squeezed.

10. An unjust law is no law at all. I can only imagine what it must be like, to be so desperate for opportunity for my children, that I’d give up everything and risk traveling to a new land. Immigration laws require the initiation of force against people who are not criminally victimizing any other individual. My empathetic humanity tells me that undocumented immigrants should be granted INSTANT amnesty, not be forced to go through a dangerous and rigged process.

Defeat S.744. Instead...


And end the insane concept of People Prohibition.


You can send your letter using’s Educate the Powerful System.

When we label a campaign a “heresy,” it’s because we want people to think. It’s a risk, but we believe it’s our job to be provocative. You may still choose to disagree. You probably love the rest of our agenda. Of course good friends have disagreements from time to time. But we encourage you to take these points seriously.

Thank you for your involvement and support,

Jim Babka, President, Inc.

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