November 22, 2013
The way to affordable healthcare
By James Wilson

I wrote a letter to Congress demanding healthcare freedom. I used’s campaign to  "Restore consumer controlled healthcare."

The hardwired message says…

True healthcare reform requires less government involvement, not more.

You may copy or edit the following sample comments…

Federal healthcare control employs force to destroy choice. Even before Obamacare, the feds…

* financed half of all healthcare costs through tax dollars taken by force.
* favored employer-provided health "insurance" at the cost of a more competitive individual insurance market.
* denied access to life-saving drugs, and made "approved" drugs more expensive.

Obamacare expands the coercion. It compels individuals to enroll in plans they don't want or need, and strips discretion from doctors. Moreover...

* The enrollment website failed.
* Millions were betrayed when their own insurance plans were canceled.
* And we’re facing a Constitutional crisis because Obama wants to unilaterally change parts of the law.

This chaos demonstrates what a moral person should already know…

Initiating force to constrain individual choice creates problems, not solutions. It’s morally wrong, and it doesn’t work. By contrast...

Consumer control DOES work. You see it in other insurance markets, such as car and homeowners. You see it in telephone plans. You see it in consumer products, where prices fall as quality improves.

You even see it in medical procedures that AREN’T covered by health "insurance." For instance, the LASIK eye procedure price fell 30% over a ten-year period, while its quality improved dramatically. (

This should be the case for ALL routine procedures!

Don’t just repeal Obamacare. Remove ALL obstacles that deny me health freedom.

Initiated force is immoral. It doesn’t work. A "government" that doesn’t recognize this is no government at all.


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James Wilson
Policy Research Director
DownsizeDC.og, Inc.

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